Rainy Days

The sound of the rain needs no translation.”

I love rainy days. It gives me a different feel. Feels as if my soul is open for cleansing. Without water, a plant would never grow. These rainy days give time for meditation and mind relaxation. Appreciate these rainy days, so when the sun shines again there will be a new reason to smile.

I’m sitting here listening to the rain drops on my window and my thoughts are so loud I had to get them out. Lately I’ve been spending time alone, reading, meditating, and praying. I’m searching for a purpose in this season. Something so great it’s changes everything, and everyone around me. It feels so close that I can nearly taste it. For the most part, I’ve been staying positive and speaking LIFE over my loved ones and my family. We’ve seen some of the darkest days, and it has only made us stronger in time. My faith has elevated so high that each time I’ve manifested something it has come to past. I thank God for each moment, and the lessons I’ve learned. His timing is never wrong or off. I’ve learned to trust him to guide me through this journey. It hasn’t been easy at all, but it’s so worth it. I believe my future and love life is secured and already written out. God is preparing me right now for what will soon be MINE✨💛.


Disturbed But Not Destroyed

DA23CD11-8CE0-4C99-9C68-F41709862370September 22, 2018

This morning I woke from a disturbing dream. I was inside of a house and all of a sudden I hear big ocean waves splashing everywhere. I look outside, and I’m surrounded with gigantic dark waves at each side of me. The waves were so strong, they began to break the house down piece by piece. Minutes later I had been thrown into the water from the strong waves. Immediately, I began swimming my way through until I reach a stomp to climb up on. Shortly after, I noticed a big shark come swimming pass quickly surrounding the stomp I stood on. Somehow I ended up back inside a house again. I jumped back inside where I was safe, and I woke up. This dream to me indicated; that in life, there will be times when storms will enter our lives with trials and tribulations hitting from each side and angle. We find ourselves feeling alone, lost and confused. Times when it feels like the enemy is near trying to attack and you have no where to run to. You aren’t alone, you have to look deeply inside yourself. Your inner spirit, that’s where home is. The safe place. Realize, what’s inside of you is greater than anything you face in life. You have the power to be anything you want to be, and do anything if you just BELIEVE in You.

Birthday Blessings

Such a wonderful feeling to wake up to a great day to see 23 years of living. Everyday I read this book called “Jesus Always” by author, Sarah Young. This book touches me miraculously in many ways. Each day has a special word for me and makes me feel comforted after reading. Today this page was a whisper from God. In a time of so many problems, I tend to become impulsive; searching for answers when technically everything I need is here in silence. It’s best to be alone at times, meditating on the glory that God has placed upon me.

I am HER

4/8/16|Puerto Rico

She’s misunderstood, overlooked, and doubted. They don’t know that her mind is as strong as a woman losing her child, through rough times growing up, mistakes being made, looking for love in the wrong places, she had dreams; and always believed in herself. Her heart is as pure as Gold. She won’t give up on anything she loves. She will fight on forever. Her character is everything! The way she moves influences the world! They love to watch her like a star in they sky. If she isn’t there she is missed. They only see the smiles and the pretty face. They don’t know what she went through, or where she came from because they never tried to understand her, they only judged. They don’t know that God is her best friend, and he’s always been first in her life no matter what she has done. They don’t understand why she keeps getting blessed day to day. But no worries, because God got HER.


The Sky

The Sky
The Sky Above, Earth Below, Peace Within🕊

On the day of October 20, 2015, I realized the sky was my favorite place to be. I felt elevated. I had risen above everything around me. All fear washed away with grace. The ground was no longer there. There was just clouds and air. I felt free, close to God, meditating and mind full of greatness. I knew this was a sign of elevation in my life or success, by the fact of the embracement I received from this moment. Faith was flowing through me like a river. I had the confidence of a conqueror. I was ready to see different parts of the world.

First blog post

Hello, and welcome to my personal blog. I will be inviting you guys into my little world of my own written poems, sharing ideas, and different posts about my life experiences. Please don’t hesitate to give feedback, like or  share my profile.